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Welcome to the HTA British Conifer Group!

Conifers are a wonderful way of adding colour and shape to your garden - and because the vast majority are evergreen, the effect will last the whole year! But what many people don't realise is that there is an amazing choice of different shades, shapes and sizes ranging from tiny dwarfs to magnificent trees.

As long as you have chosen the right site, most conifers are easy to look after, requiring only a little pruning and watering. They are generally pretty disease resistant and just need a little loving care during really cold spells.

Within this website you will be able to find information on all the different types of conifers (see Choosing the Right Conifer), all the different names of conifers and what they mean (see Understanding Conifer Names) as well as where you can purchase your next conifer from (see Our Members). There is also links to other useful sites (see Links).


National Conifer Week 28th Septembe-6th October 2013  Get ready for National Conifer Week 26 September - 6th October



There are well over one thousand different conifer cultivars to choose from.

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